The Facts

Project info


The Facts is a full color book produced for the 2014 MFA Annual Meeting, created to put research-based, verified and reliable information into the hands of farmers and agriculture advocates combating a great deal of misinformation about food production, genetically modified organisms, the organic trend and world hunger. The book was produced very rapidly—a matter of days—and every piece of data within was independently verified and sourced. If MFA was going to put out a book called “The Facts”, it had to stand behind every claim the book contained.


The book was created to be easily browse-able, a reader able to open it to any page and find useful information there without having to find an entry point first.

In addition to the printed piece, a CD label was designed. The CD accompanies the book in a pocket on the inside back cover, and contains additional resources (including the book itself in PDF form).

Originally this piece was designed for distribution only at the 2014 Annual Meeting. Upon reviewing the proof copies at an event planning meeting, then-President Bill Streeter ordered a dramatic increase in the print quantity, so that the piece could be sent to every employee in the cooperative, both in the home office and at every retail location in the trade territory (over 6,000 were produced).