Simon Oswald Associates

Project info


In 2000, I was working as a junior art director at Vangel Associates, a small (nine-person) ad agency. Simon Oswald Associates, a prestigious local architecture firm, was already a client and asked us to develop their first Web site. As I was the only person on staff at Vangel with experience designing for the Web, this project fell almost entirely to me. The site was designed and produced by myself and hosted on AT&T Web servers (at no small expense, at the time). The navigation was fully interactive and made use of javascript rollovers to show subnavigation as the main pages were highlighted. The title of the main pages (“who we are” in the example image below) remained fixed in place while the text scrolled over it. Also on main pages, rolling over main navigation titles not only highlighted the link itself, but brought up a line of text in the textured red space to the right (over the right column) describing that page’s contents.

At the time, this kind of visual interactivity was state-of-the-art.


This Simon Oswald Web site design remained live for eight years before it was finally redesigned.