Precision Advantage

Project info


MFA Incorporated is one of the midwest’s most prominent supporters and advocates of agronomic precision data collection and asset control, through the use of GPS and other assorted technology.  In 2014 I was asked to redesign the Precision Advantage logo. The original design featured a satellite (and some problematic design elements); I felt the logo needed to be more grounded, to emphasize that this tech is designed for benefits on the farm, not out in space. The logo inside the mapping pin can be substituted for various uses, for instance the shield could be replaced with a corn cob, soybean pod, tractor, etc. In addition, the logo is designed to be variable in color, so that the “MFA Incorporated” subtitle can be replaced with local retail stores or other signifiers. (The logo can also be used without any subtitle.)


Proper use guidelines for the new brand were described in an addendum to the MFA corporate standards guide.