MFA Kickoff logo 2015

Project info


Kickoff theme logos are an annual project at MFA Incorporated. The kickoff committee selects a theme in the spring, and I’m given about six weeks to develop logo concepts, one of which is selected for development into the final logo. In 2014, the above logo (as a concept) was developed for the theme “___”. This concept was so well-received by the committee that they rewrote the year’s theme to be “Rising to the Challenge”, which they felt was a better fit for the artwork presented. (This is something which has never happened before—the logo inspiring the theme rather than vice versa.)

Framed kickoff logos are displayed in all meeting rooms in the home office. A new tradition, begun fairly recently, is to have one of the framed the kickoff logos autographed by members of senior management and the kickoff committee. This is then displayed prominently near the entrances to the two larger meeting rooms on the upper level.


In spring of 2015, the committee decided the current year’s logo was so effective that instead of replacing it for 2016, they would continue to use it for three consecutive years.