MFA Corporate Brochure

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MFA Corporate Brochure (2012)
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In 2012, the previous corporate brochure was showing its age, having been in use for nearly ten years. In the interim, the home office’s in-house print center had drastically improved equipment, and was now capable of producing much better quality color output on a production digital press. With this in mind, I designed the new corporate brochure to be a highly versatile piece. The internals are printed in-house and on-demand, so the volume of old brochures (that had been languishing in storage, taking up room) was no longer necessary.


As part of this project, an ambitious new graphic historical timeline was designed, in two parts. The first part started at the birth of the cooperative and left the page in the late 1970s. The timeline continues on the following spread, starting at 1980 and continuing to present day. This allows new material to be added to the timeline without having to compress the existing material in the layout, saving many hours of later work.


The corporate brochure was designed to incorporate a special printed “shell”. These shells included a window in the cover, so that they could be used with other kinds of brochures in the future if so desired. Instead of producing a massive quantity of brochures, instead we ordered quantity of these shells so they could be used for corporate brochures and other brochures as needed. Some shells included a rear-inside-cover pocket, just in case. The shells included a striking spot UV coat to highlight the MFA shield shape and effecting a leather-like texture front to back.

Today, the corporate brochure is updated annually with the previous year’s financial information, and made available at the annual meeting. This capability was impossible with the previous brochure.