Here goes nothing

New Beginning

Starting a new blog tonight. I wonder if I should start off by venting all my various frustrations getting this theme working the way I want?

Nah. That would be too negative.

Truth is, this is a really great theme I found. I’m actually very happy with it… at least, I will be, once I get it all sorted out the way I want.

I have a lot of work still to do. A whole portfolio to upload. Not going to be done in one sitting. But I’ll get it up in due time.

For now though, I’m just happy this is live, and semi-functional.

Starting a new blog. I haven’t blogged regularly since… well, wow, a really long time. Since Google Fhqwhgads (Yes, that’s what the old blog was called. I’d even forgotten that, too). I had fun with it. Since discovering Quora, I’ve been spending a lot of my free-writing time there. I’ll probably include a number of Quora posts here, particularly the ones I’m extra happy with.

For now though, I’m just saying hi.