What is the most relaxing car you have ever driven?

1998 Acura 3.5RL.


This was my wife’s car (when I was married) and we would always take long trips in this car together. Its ride was a bit floaty, but it was smooth as silk and the engine had great punch when power was called for, so I never felt like I was driving something geriatric. Its interior was extremely well appointed, tasteful and comfortable on long jaunts. I was happy both driving and being driven in it.

Of course I’ll always be partial to my ’03 Intrepid, since it’s such a fine road car for my tastes. But it doesn’t have the luxury accoutrements the RL had, like heated seats and the like. The RL was definitely the finest vehicle I’ve ever had the privilege of driving, so far.

EDIT: JG McLean makes a great point, that one can always be more relaxed in a car that is paid for. I fully agree, which probably contributed to my enjoyment of the RL, and my Intrepid today.

There was a time a number of years ago when I was traveling in south Florida, and had the opportunity to rent a Mustang convertible and drive to Key West and back. That was a magnificent day. I enjoy driving and had a wonderful time in the Mustang, but since it was a rental, I could never get too relaxed in it.